1. Creation of a networking process between all Sunni Mosques & Madrasas of the state.
  2. Creation of an effective interaction, coordination, harmony and mutual understanding  between Sunni Ulma, Mashaaikh, intellectuals and Muslim political leaders.
  3. To take part in rescue and relief work in the event of natural disaster & calamities and to assist and help those affected during communal or political violence without any discrimination.
  4. To hold educational, cultural and spiritual seminars & symposiums wherein inviting intellectuals, renowned writers, sufis’ and scholars  to reform Muslim youths in particular in the light of the teachings & practices of Sufis and Muslim mists to help them to peacefully co-exist with other communities understanding one another as good  neighbours.
  5. To issue Fatwa (Islamic verdict) on line to the Muslim bretheren, with an intention of teaching  Shariat in a moderate way and to keep them away from extreme thoughts and practices, which may cause a hurdle for creating a peaceful and healthy Muslim society.
  6. To educate Muslim youths morally and to reform them spiritually.
  7. To fight for the overall safety of Aimma o Moazzineen (The leaders of prayer at mosque & those who call for prayer at the appointed times), particularly to work for the protection of their stipend granted by Waqf Board, to urge government to issue them a health card and on account of their poor financial condition, grant them a piece of government land in their respective towns for construction of their houses..
  8. To create an informative & active team in Urdu, Kannada and English languages in order to propagate the standpoints presented by the Jamat e Ahl e Sunnat Karnataka correctly in connection with issues, the Sunni Muslims face in the state or in the country. And to give press release regarding all the reformative steps taken in order to pass over to all the Sunni Muslims nationwide.   
  9. To establish legal cell for overall protection of lives, properties (movable & immovable) and waqf institutions. To provide legal assistance to the victims, affected in the event of communal riots without any consideration of cast and creed.
  10. To inculcate the spirit of patriotism in the minds of youngsters by way of making them actively participate in all the national activities increasingly in hoisting national flag & singing national anthem on the Independence Day and on Republic Day.
  11. To maintain cordial relation with the religious heads of all communities and invite them from time to time for inter-faith dialogue get-to-gather in order to promote social harmony and national unity.
  12. To avail state and central government’s funds & facilities given from time to time, to exclusively   Muslims and to ensure that those financial assistance and privileges in the field of education, employment and health are correctly reaching up to deserving persons.
  13. To establish a central office of Jamat e Ahl e Sunnat in Bangalore where from all these above-mentioned aims & objects could be smoothly executed.

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