Hate none, Love all ( Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz)     

                                                                          Hurt never, Help ever!       

A united front representing Sunni Ulema, Mashaaikh,Imams of Sunni Masjids, Sunni Madarsas, Intellectuals, Prominent citizens and Sunni muslims from all the 30 districts of the state.

INTRODUCTION OF AHL E SUNNAT! Allah Subhanahu  o Ta,la said,”Cling one and all to the faith of Allah and let nothing divide you ”(C,3,v,103).

Rasulullah (peace be upon him) said, “Follow the big party since whosoever deviates from it, will be thrown into the fire of hell”(Ibn e Maja).

The same (Big Party) is illustrated as “Sabilul Momineen” in the following verse, “He that disobeys the Apostle after guidance has been made clear to him and follows a path other than that of the faithful, shall be given what he has chosen. We will cast him into hell: a dismal and devastating  end”(C,4,v,115).

WHO IS SUNNI! One who practically adheres to the path of rightly guided Caliphs, the Sahaba (the Companions of the holy Prophet may Allah’s peace be on him), the Ahl e Bait(the Family Members of the holy prophet (may Allah’s peace be on him), the Tabi een and Tab ut Tab een (Those who follow the Companions of the holy prophet and those who follow the followers of the Companions), the Mohaddiseen (the Narrators of the traditions of the holy prophet may Allah’s peace be on him), the Aimm e Muj ta hideen (the four great scholars of Islamic Jurisprudence) and the Auliy e Kamileen (the Muslim Sufi Saints), by holding belief in either of two groups of the Ash aree and the Ma tu ridee, by following any one of the four schools of thought: Hanafi, Shafee, Maliki and Hambli, and is attached to any one of the spiritual linages of Qadri, Chishti, Naqsh bandi, Suhar wardi,Shazali, Rafaai,Nizami,Ashrafi or Razvi ctc is, in a word, a Sunni Muslim (Belongs to Ahl e Sunnat o Jamat). In short, any muslim who perceives Imam Ahmed Raza Khan of north India and Maulana Shah Anwarullah Farooquee of Hyderabad to be the true icons of Ahl e Sunnat Jamat, is a pakka (Confirmed) Sunni Muslim.

It may be noted here that the criterion to ascertain the veracity of Ahl e Sunnat Jamat is not based on the quantity of the following group, irrespective of their being in majority or in minority. The truthfulness of any Jamat (group) can be examined as to which group is wholeheartedly believing in the ideology of Ahl e Sunnat o Jamat and practices it. Ahl e Sunnat o Jamat is not an innovated one like other so called Jamats or sects but it has been known and practiced since the holy days of the holy prophet (May Allah’s peace be on him) long before any mislead sect  emerged in the muslim society. It is reported on the authority of Sayyeduna Imam Zainul Aabideen Ali Bin Hussain (May Allah be well pleased with them) that sending salaam in abundance upon the holy prophet (May Allah’s peace be on him) is one of the known signs of Ahl e Sunnat o Jamat. Well, it is an established fact the Sunni Muslims around the world are known for this holy practice.

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